Home Owners Association

What you Should Know


 1. All of our services are completely customized to your association’s unique needs.  We do not force you into our way of doing business. 

2. Unlike some other management companies, we won’t gouge you with additional monthly fees.  Here’s just a few examples: 
          a. Late fees – we believe these belong to you, not us, so you keep 100% of the fees  we collect for you!  

b. We don’t charge the homeowners extra to use ACH to pay their accounts.  c. We don’t charge for storage of your Associations records.  

d. Your monthly management fee includes all of our services except actual mailing and postage expenses related to your association. 

3. Our company and employees are bonded and insured for your protection and ours.

Services Provided: #1 - #9


 1. Maintain homeowner membership roster. 
2. Collect all monthly/quarterly/yearly assessments and other monies that are due to the Association with respect to your subdivision. 
3. Pay all expenses for the operation and management of the Property from the Associations funds held in accounts by us. 
4. Prepare and maintain records of all income and expenses related to the association, and submit monthly to the Board a statement of receipts and disbursements for the preceding month, including a statement of the bank balances. 
5. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, assist in preparation of the annual budget. 
6. At the end of each fiscal year, submit an annual report of all income and expenses related to the association to the Board.
7. Work with the Association’s (or our) Tax accountant to prepare the annual Association Tax Returns, and yearly audits.
8. Work with the Association’s (or our) insurance company to insure appropriate and consistent insurance coverage for the association.
9. Secure competitive bids from vendors or sub-contractors as requested. 

Services Provided: #10 - #17


 10. Arrange for needed repairs or improvements to be made to the Association’s common areas as requested by the Association.
11. Process and manage work orders requested by the homeowners or the board for HOA owned structures or amenities.
12. Act as a control center for calls related to the Association
13. Attend Board Meetings.
14. Covenant enforcement (as per the Associations governing documents) ​ 
15. Architectural Control (as per the Associations governing documents) 
16. Owner complaint and problem resolution
17. Provide page on SCL Properties website for Homeowners that will allow viewing of their account, payment of dues, submission of work orders, and Architectural Change Requests. 

Pricing / Fees


  •  Management Services: 15% of Gross Monthly Dues
  • One Time Fees:  
    • File, Accounts & Webpage Set Up - $275.00
    • Capital Expenditure Project Management - 10% of Project Cost
  • On-Going Monthly Cost:  
    • Supplies, Newsletters, Postage - Billed at cost