Buying a Home or Property



We believe that when you purchase a home you are also buying the neighborhood and lifestyle that comes with it.  We are happy to guide you through the home buying process, providing you with information about the latest Real Estate news, and creating a custom home search for you based on your individual goals and real estate needs.

Buying Made Simple


We will be happy to show you around as well as give you the inside scoop on properties that meet your individual specifications.  Real Estate Director, Brenda Lowe, will walk you through the steps of acquiring profitable investment properties as well as find you something that is right for you. SCL Properties is constantly discovering new opportunities to share with our network of investors and developers.

What to expect from your Broker


  1.  Assistance from search to move-in
  2. Comprehensive property search
  3. Local knowledge
  4. Extensive networks (we make it our business to be in the know)
  5. Comprehensive market analyses and guidance
  6. Negotiation representation
  7. Guidance with purchase requirements
  8. Guidance with attorneys, mortgage providers and other vendors and service providers‚Äč